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Short Synopsis
Robert McCammon, Norman Prentiss, Shawntelle Madison, Graham Masterton, and Richard Christian Matheson scale new heights of horror, suspense, and grimmest fantasy in Dark Screams: Volume Two.

Full Synopsis
"The Deep End" by Robert McCammon: Everyone thinks the drowning death of Neil Calder in the local swimming pool was a tragic accident. Only his father knows better. Now, on the last night of summer, Neil returns in search of revenge.

"Interval" by Norman Prentiss: Flight 1137 from St. Louis by way of Nashville has gone missing. As anxious friends and family gather around the gate, a ticket clerk finds herself eyewitness to a moment of inhuman evil.

"If These Walls Could Talk" by Shawntelle Madison: Eleanor has come from New York City to prep an old Victorian house in Maine for America's Mysterious Hotspots. Although she's always thrown herself into her work, this job will take her places she's never dreamed of going.

"The Night Hider" by Graham Masterton: C. S. Lewis wrote about a portal that led to a world of magic and enchantment. But the wardrobe in Dawn's room holds only death—until she solves its grisly mystery.

"Whatever" by Richard Christian Matheson:A 1970s rock 'n' roll band that never existed takes one hell of a trip.

Dark Screams

Volume Two

Author Shawntelle Madison, Norman Prentiss, Graham Masterton, Robert McCammon, Richard Christian Matheson

Narrated by Joe Barrett

Publication date Oct 13, 2015

Running time 5 hrs

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