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Short Synopsis
Rachel Van Dyken presents the fourth novel in the Dark Ones Saga series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I'm a werewolf King who chose to step down out of grief for my mate. For centuries I've been alone, choosing to live a life of modesty despite the wealth surrounding me.

I deserve to be punished. I crave things I have no business craving. And it is manifesting itself in a way I'm terrified I won't be able to control any longer. Especially since she arrived.

Vampire. Orphan. Beaten beyond recognition. My blood calls to her in a way that makes no sense.

I'm a wolf. She's a vampire. The two don't mate. They barely tolerate one another.

All it takes is one slip of control on my part-one taste. And I doom us all.

Then again, I never knew what is lurking inside has the power to balance good and evil.

Contains mature themes.

Darkest Temptation

Author Rachel Van Dyken

Narrated by Hollie Jackson, Chris Chambers

Publication date Apr 17, 2018

Running time 6 hrs

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