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McKenzie Hunter and AJ Connor present Book 6 in the Sky Brooks World: Ethan series.

Full Synopsis
We've secretly lived among the humans for centuries. Anonymity is our weapon of choice. But that's about to change.

An altercation between were-animals was caught on video and went viral. Now a vital member of our pack is sitting in jail and if I can't get him out before he shifts during the full moon, then our existence will be discovered.

If we are outed, there is a risk we'll take the rest of the supernaturals with us. They'll do anything to prevent this from happening, including ridding the world of were-animals.

We were once a pack of hunters. Now we are the hunted.

Darkness Revealed

Author McKenzie Hunter, AJ Connor

Narrated by James Patrick Cronin

Publication date Aug 3, 2021

Running time 11 hrs

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