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Short Synopsis
McKenzie Hunter presents the sixth book in the Sky Brooks series.

Full Synopsis
The Midwest Pack stands together—and they might fall together.

We've always kept our existence hidden from humans, but when a video of a were-animal in a violent confrontation goes viral, the other denizens take drastic measures to protect themselves from exposure. Alliances are broken and friendships strained as the vampires, witches, and elves all work to protect their own interests.

Staying hidden becomes impossible when humans, backed by an old enemy, set out to expose the pack's existence. Ethan and I have more than us being werewolves to hide. Our long-hidden secrets have drawn the attention of someone who poses a greater threat than exposure.

As the world around me unravels, Ethan and I must confront the dangerous consequences of the secrets we worked so hard to protect. When all our secrets are revealed, will any of us survive?

Darkness Unleashed

Author McKenzie Hunter

Narrated by Jorjeana Marie

Publication date Jun 12, 2018

Running time 11 hrs 29 min

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