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Short Synopsis
The New York Times bestselling author of alternate history looks at what might have happened if the Japanese had followed up their assault on Pearl Harbor in 1941 with an invasion and occupation of Hawaii.

Full Synopsis
On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched an attack against U.S. naval forces stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. But what if the Japanese followed up their air assault with an invasion and occupation of Hawaii? This is the question explored by Harry Turtledove in Days of Infamy, with frightening implications. With American military forces subjugated and civilians living in fear of their conquerors, there is no one to stop the Japanese from using the islands' resources to launch an offensive against America's western coast.

"Nelson's style is...hypnotic and draws listeners into a story that shows how history could have been very different." ---AudioFile

"A starkly realistic view of what might have been had the Japanese followed the bombing of Pearl Harbor with a land invasion and occupied Hawaii.... Exciting." ---Publishers Weekly

"Turtledove excels at showing the big picture through the eyes of the individual men and women whose daily lives reflect the urgency and desperation of their times." ---Library Journal

Days of Infamy

A Novel of Alternate History

Author Harry Turtledove

Narrated by John Allen Nelson

Publication date Feb 15, 2010

Running time 20 hrs

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