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Short Synopsis
M. L. Bullock presents Book 3 in the Welcome to Dead House series.

Full Synopsis
What do you do when the family curse kicks in and Chloe finds herself in a paranormal fight for her life?

Tamara decides to get to the bottom of it. She hopes to set Chloe free but cannot do it alone. A talented curse breaker, with a secretive past of her own, joins forces with them and the outcome is not what anyone expected.

Joey makes peace with the dead, even though he's dead too. Will his act of forgiveness take him away from the Dead House forever? Will he cross over and leave this new family behind?

Dead At Midnight

Author M. L. Bullock

Narrated by Suzanne Elise Freeman

Publication date Jan 19, 2021

Running time 5 hrs 13 min

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