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Lucinda Dark presents Book 2 in the Barbie: The Vampire Hunter series.

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I am beauty. I am grace. And yes, I will also punch you in the fucking face.

I never wanted to be a killer. Not until my entire family was slaughtered. Now, though? Now, killing is what I live for. And I've gone so far down my path for vengeance that there's no going back.

I made a deal with a demon, and I liked it.

The power that comes with demon possession is heady. The more I use it, the more addicted I become even if it does come with a little catch. Sex demons need sex to survive, after all. No fucking way. Sex only complicates things and I need to be on my A game if I'm going to find the one responsible for killing my family. That's my number one priority. Find the vampire linchpin and cut his damn head off—no matter the target it paints on my back.

The dead belong in the ground, and one way or another, I intend to put them all there.

Dead Girl Walking

Author Lucinda Dark

Narrated by Kevin T. Collins, Heather Costa

Publication date Sep 8, 2020

Running time 9 hrs 18 min

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