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Short Synopsis
Wm. Mark Simmons presents Book 2 in the Halflife Chronicles. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The living dead were making his life a living hell . . .

A year ago, Chris Csejthe (pronounced "Chay-tay") was completely human—then a blood transfusion from the Lord of the Undead changed everything. Now he is a hunted man, sought by human and vampire alike for the secrets he knows and the powers that his mutated blood may bestow. So far he's dodged undead assassins, werewolves, a 6,000-year-old Egyptian necromancer, and Vlad Dracula himself. But now he's really got problems.

The dead are turning up on his doorstep after dark to ask for justice and the police want to know where all those corpses are coming from. Undead terrorists are testing a doomsday virus on his new hometown and he's caught in the crossfire between a white supremacist militia and the resurrected Civil War dead. His werewolf lover, jealous of his dead wife's ghost, has left him. And the centuries-old and still very beautiful (and very deadly) Countess Bathory is determined to have his uniquely transformed blood for her own dark purposes.

Now, more than ever, life sucks!

Contains mature themes.

Dead on My Feet

Author William Mark Simmons

Narrated by Wayne Mitchell

Publication date May 19, 2020

Running time 15 hrs

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