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Short Synopsis
New York Times bestselling author Caitlin Rother tells a riveting true story of greed and murder in Dead Reckoning.

Full Synopsis
Happy and retired, Tom and Jackie Hawks lived a charmed life in sunny Southern California. They were delighted when former child star Skylar Deleon and his pregnant wife, Jennifer, offered cash to purchase their fifty-five-foot yacht, the Well Deserved . . .

But a trial voyage turned into a nightmare. Out at sea, the Hawkses begged for their lives as they were forced to sign everything over to Skylar. In return, they were tied to the ship's anchor and thrown overboard—alive.

Skylar and Jennifer's twisted story became even more shocking when Skylar's unusual sexual motivations were revealed in court. After killing a man while out of jail on work furlough, he reportedly tried to hire hits from prison on four witnesses, including his father. For this former child actor, the answer to "Where are they now?" is Death Row.

"Well researched and a quick, engrossing read, this should be popular with true crime readers, especially the Ann Rule crowd." ---Library Journal

"True crime triumph for Caitlin Rother . . . a grim and bloody tale that directs our attention to the often-shocking complexities of the human animal and the sordid depths to which he may descend. Rother, who was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize during her tenure at the Union-Tribune, tells it well, thereby solidifying her star status in the field of true crime." ---The San Diego Union-Tribune

"One of the best true crime books for 2011 . . . readers will find themselves anxiously turning each page . . . I strongly recommend it." ---True Crime Book Reviews

Dead Reckoning

Author Caitlin Rother

Narrated by Julie McKay

Publication date Sep 27, 2016

Running time 13 hrs 19 min

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