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Short Synopsis
Investigative journalist John Glatt tells the true story of the murder of Greg DeVillers.

Full Synopsis
Greg DeVillers was a top biotech executive, and Kristen Rossum was embarking on a career in toxicology at the San Diego Medical Examiner's office. They seemed to be happily married, living the American dream. But only months shy of their second anniversary, Kristen found her handsome husband dead from a drug overdose—his corpse sprinkled with rose petals. By his side was their wedding photo. The scene was reminiscent of American Beauty, one of Kristen's favorite movies. Authorities deemed it a suicide.

Until they discovered that the rare poison found in Greg's body was the same poison missing from Kristen's office. Until they discovered the truth about Kristen's lurid affair, about her own long-time drug addiction, and about the personal and professional secrets she would kill to keep hidden—secrets that would ultimately expose the beautiful blonde as the deadly beauty she really was . . . a Deadly American Beauty.

Deadly American Beauty

Beautiful Bride, Dark Secrets, Deadly Love

Author John Glatt

Narrated by Shaun Grindell

Publication date Feb 8, 2022

Running time 8 hrs 15 min

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