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Short Synopsis
Detective Sophie Allen faces her toughest challenge in a gripping new mystery by bestselling author Michael Hambling. A young man's mutilated body is found on top of the Agglestone, a well-known local landmark on Studland Heath.

Full Synopsis
A young man's mutilated body is found on top of the Agglestone...

It seems that he was involved in a human trafficking and prostitution gang. But why is DCI Sophie Allen keeping something back from her team? Is it linked to the extraordinary discovery of her own father's body at the bottom of a disused mineshaft, more than forty years after he disappeared?

Deadly Crimes is the second in a new series of police detective thrillers featuring DCI Sophie Allen, head of the recently formed Violent Crime Unit in Dorset. An English county which includes a stunning section of the coastline, but whose beauty belies darkness beneath the surface.

"Cat Gould has become a narrator I seem to see a lot of in my British crime novels and I am really starting to like her a lot." ---Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!

"An interesting and well written story . . . this is quite an adventure." ---Audiothing

"The book is well-written, characters are likeable. There are tons of suspects to keep an eye on. I look forward to seeing more adventures for Sophie in the future." ---Book Lovers Book Reviews

Deadly Crimes

Author Michael Hambling

Narrated by Cat Gould

Publication date Dec 27, 2016

Running time 8 hrs 15 min

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