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Short Synopsis
OMJ Ryan presents Book 1 in the Detective Jane Phillips series.

Full Synopsis
A series of ritual murders . . . a terrible secret.

DI Jane Phillips was a star detective driven by a relentless quest for justice. But then she stepped outside the law.

Now, demoted and suffering with PTSD, she finds herself facing the deadliest threat of her career—a serial killer who is preying on vulnerable women, murdering them in a shocking and bizarre ritual.

A master of deception, he selects his victims at random. Or so it seems. But as Phillips investigates, she begins to see a method in the killer's madness. Perhaps these victims aren't random at all . . .

As the pressure mounts, can Phillips find the link between these ritual murders before the killer strikes again—or will her dogged determination to solve the case bring his deadly silence to her door?

"She [Cohen] handled the emotional infusion of fear and banter into the vocals well." ---Books of My Heart

Deadly Silence

A Detective Jane Phillips Novel

Author OMJ Ryan

Narrated by Danielle Cohen

Publication date Jun 10, 2020

Running time 9 hrs

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