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Short Synopsis
A must-listen holiday romance. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Dear Santa, I want a Daddy who will take care of me . . .

Sanders doesn't believe he'll actually find a Daddy through a dating app. He's not much to look at, and his life is a mess. A Daddy would never be interested in someone like him. But he's lonely.

He hasn't been kissed for three long years.

Briggs moved to the small tourist town of Red Canyon, Utah, to get away from his fast-paced life in Chicago. But he also moved away from most of his dating prospects. Downloading a dating app seems like an obvious choice. The boy he messages is sweet, nervous, and drinks up every word of praise Briggs gives him. But he's too nervous to meet face to face, claiming that Briggs won't like him as much in person.

How can Briggs convince his boy that he's everything a Daddy could ask for?

Contains mature themes.

Dear Daddy, Please Praise Me

Author Luna David, Amy Bellows

Narrated by Tristan James

Publication date Dec 14, 2021

Running time 7 hrs

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