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Short Synopsis
J. C. Briggs presents Book 2 in the Charles Dickens Investigations series.

Full Synopsis
Boys are going missing from London's slums . . .

London, 1849

When a boy is found drowned in the River Thames at Hungerford Stairs, novelist Charles Dickens and Superintendent Jones of Bow Street are mystified to discover that the child is not the missing youngster for whom they have been searching. As Dickens and Jones delve deeper into London's poverty-stricken backstreets, they stumble across two more bodies.

A serial killer is on the loose. And Charles is terrified that someone close to him may be one of the victims. With a strange image of a mask sketched next to the corpses, could the murderer be leaving a trail for the detectives to follow . . . ?

Or will the Death at Hungerford Stairs remain unsolved . . . ?

"Once again Antony Ferguson was brilliant at portraying Dickens, Superintendent Jones and a whole host of characters throughout the story." ---The Secret Library Site

Death at Hungerford Stairs

Author J.C. Briggs

Narrated by Antony Ferguson

Publication date Dec 24, 2019

Running time 9 hrs

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