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Short Synopsis
Alex Erickson presents Book 7 in a Bookstore Café Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
Krissy Hancock and her pals are taking a coffee break—leaving their bookstore–café in Pine Hills, Ohio, and heading to a convention. But this road trip will be more dangerous than they expected . . .

Coffee lovers are gathering from far and wide, and Krissy, Rita, and Vicki are excited. But some of the attendees may need to switch to decaf, as a public argument breaks out soon after they check in and then a flavor competition leads to bitter feelings.

When the winner of the contest is beaned with a carafe full of café mocha, suspicions swirl—along with accusations of bribery. Was the dead man offering perks to the judges—or was something sinister going on in his personal life? This case is going to keep Krissy up all night long . . .

"I will listen to other books narrated by Melissa Moran as I have heard she does an amazing job, this did not seem to showcase her talents." ---Carla Loves to Read

Death by Cafe Mocha

Author Alex Erickson

Narrated by Melissa Moran

Publication date Aug 27, 2019

Running time 7 hrs

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