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Short Synopsis
Kip Terrington presents Book 4 in the Twenty-Sided Eye series.

Full Synopsis
The gloves are off, and the invasion has begun.

Rook has turned his attention onto the newly-formed Kingdom of the Iron Dice. In his mind, Joe has become a nuisance that must be squashed. How will Joe's castle prevail when not one, but two armies march upon it?

Joe and Zoya no longer have a shield of ignorance to hide behind. If they face Rook, it will be with the full knowledge of their own true mortal peril. They may be Champions, with near-immortality, but they are still just two micro-sentients facing a god-like being.

The adventure continues as Joe and Zoya journey back to their kingdom in hopes of bringing order to a dungeon that has been falling into chaos. How will they prioritize which fire to put out? Or will everything they have built burn down to ashes?

If Joe and Zoya don't build levels, strength, and abilities quickly, then the kingdom will fall.

Death is the Destiny of All

Author Kip Terrington

Narrated by Sean Crisden

Publication date Dec 21, 2021

Running time 11 hrs 22 min

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