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Short Synopsis
Lisa Harris presents Book 4 in the Fallout series.

Full Synopsis
It's been over a year since Sam McQuaid has been back home to Shadow Ridge, and this time, he's returning with a bounty on his head.

Welcome to Shadow Ridge, where LONGMIRE meets JERICHO.

From USA Today bestselling author Lisa Harris comes an epic new series where the survival of Shadow Ridge depends on learning how to fight crime all over again.

In today's world, law enforcement agencies across the country rely on forensic tools, DNA testing, and crime labs. But what if that technology was suddenly no longer available? No one in the small, west Texas town of Shadow Ridge knows what took down the power grid, or when it's going to be back up, but everyone knows exactly where they were the moment it went down. And now, with no electricity, no internet, and no modern technology, the men and women responsible for keeping the town safe are going to have to learn how to fight crime all over again.


Author Lisa Harris

Narrated by Kyle Tait

Publication date Jan 24, 2023

Running time 5 hrs 25 min

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