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Short Synopsis
Michael Dalton presents Book 2 in the Demon Hunter series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Grad student Jimmy has settled into life as a sorcerer with succubus Katarina, girlfriend Hayley, and familiar Charlotte. But much about his background and relationship to the infernal bureaucracy remains a mystery he struggles to unravel. Hired to recover a powerful grimoire lost by Hell decades ago, Jimmy and his harem come into contact with a mysterious group known as the Vermillion Cabal. But the threat the group poses is not what it seems, and the job soon leads to a shocking series of discoveries about Jimmy's past. With his life hanging in the balance, Jimmy must decide which path he will walk, and where his allegiances truly lie—assuming those decisions have not already been made for him.

Contains mature themes.

Demon Hunter

The Vermillion Cabal

Author Michael Dalton

Narrated by Sierra Kline

Publication date Oct 11, 2022

Running time 6 hrs

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