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Short Synopsis
Dakota Brown presents Book 2 in the Mountain Magic series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The only thing more dangerous than being a mage is other people knowing that you have supernatural abilities. And here I am, untrained, untried, and ripe for the picking.

With the magical black market chasing my untrained powers, I'm running a race I can't win. The wolves who have added me to their pack are no match for the dark mages hunting me. With no way to learn control over these talents, I'm risking the lives of the men I love just by being in contact with them.

When we discover a bewitched knife in our possession, we find it's the key to a magical prison; whose occupant might just be the answer to my troubles, if my pack can accept him. Which would be all well and good if my parents would just butt out for five minutes.

Trapped between parents, powers, and passion, I'm doing my best to survive, keep my loved ones safe, oh, and I still have to pass exams.

Contains mature themes.

Demon’s Touch

A Reverse Harem Tale

Author Dakota Brown

Narrated by Chris Chambers, Mia Madison

Publication date Jan 19, 2021

Running time 8 hrs

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