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Short Synopsis
Kim McDougall presents Book 2 in the Valkyrie Bestiary series.

Full Synopsis
Sometimes you just need to hug your dervish.

Like when he protects you from brownies.

Or goes down into the scary basement with you because he's proud to be your apprentice.

Or when he saves the world.

Kyra Greene, pest controller to the extraordinary, is back with a new adventure!

A Guardian is dead. Fae are missing. And someone has let a golem loose in town. Ride along with Kyra Greene, the only pest controller qualified to deal with the strange and wonderful creatures that come out of the shadows when magic flares.

Dervishes Don't Dance

Author Kim McDougall

Narrated by Hollie Jackson

Publication date Aug 31, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 17 min

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