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Short Synopsis
Matthew Peed presents Book 9 in the Dungeon Robotics series.

Full Synopsis
After almost a year since Regan came to the world Murgin, danger has followed him like a loyal dog. Threats are the main theme of his life as a dungeon core and every time he deals with one, another appears to take its place. Now with the struggles of the Beneath Races as well as the mysterious peril coming from space, he might not have time to solve all his current problems before one of them blows up in his face. He is not without any recourse though, and he has a plan to meet the dangers. The question is will he be able to succeed?

Louella has more power than ever before, but a part of her is worried that it will not be enough to protect the people she loves and cares for in Vaihdetta. That does not stop her from working to make sure her people are happy and protected. Even if it means descending into the horror and war torn Beneath. She has a mission, and she is determined that to fulfill it.


Author Matthew Peed

Narrated by Gabriel Vaughan, Sierra Kline

Publication date Nov 9, 2021

Running time 8 hrs

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