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Short Synopsis
In his effort to save the beautiful Mercedes from the murderous bandit Rojas and his band of cutthroats, Texas ranger Richard Gale finds love and uncovers a long-lost secret.

Full Synopsis
Richard Gale, a college football star, travels to Mexico to prove himself after failing in every business opportunity that his wealthy father had handed him. When he arrives at an Arizona border town, a chance meeting with an old friend launches him into an adventure to save a young Spanish beauty from a ruthless Mexican bandit.

Within the mystical beauty of the desert landscape, this extraordinary novel touches on many complexities of humanity, including honor, lust, vengeance, and love. And in this western classic, Zane Grey captures the grandeur of the true Old West as only he can.

Desert Gold, with eBook

Author Zane Grey

Narrated by John Bolen

Publication date Mar 30, 2009

Running time 11 hrs

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