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Short Synopsis
In Design to Grow, learn how Coca-Cola uses design to grow its business by combining the advantages of scale with the agility to respond to fast-changing market conditions.

Full Synopsis
In today’s world, every company is at risk of having a “Kodak Moment”—watching its industry and the competitive advantages it has developed over years, even decades, vanish overnight. The reason? An inability to adapt quickly to new business realities. Established companies are at risk, but it’s no easier being an agile startup, because most of those fail due to their inability to scale.

In Design to Grow, a Coca-Cola senior executive shares both the successes and failures of one of the world’s largest companies. In this rare and unprecedented behind-the-scenes look, David Butler and senior Fast Company editor, Linda Tischler, use case studies to show how this works at Coca-Cola—and how other companies can use the same approach to grow their business. This book is a must for managers inside large corporations as well as entrepreneurs just getting started.

"Drawing on this experience, he and Tischler walk readers through how to design for agility and speed." ---Publishers Weekly

"An easy-to-read look into the transformative forces inside a behemoth company." ---Booklist

Design to Grow

How Coca-Cola Learned to Combine Scale and Agility (And How You Can Too)

Author Linda Tischler, David Butler

Narrated by Peter Berkrot

Publication date Mar 17, 2015

Running time 6 hrs 18 min

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