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Short Synopsis
Cutting-edge technology and epic space battles unite as the TDF Marco Polo discovers an ancient civilization known as "The Others," in this new series from author PP Corcoran.

Full Synopsis
The TDF Marco Polo embarks on its maiden voyage outside Earth's Solar System leading to the discovery of an extinct civilisation destroyed by orbital bombardment. Deep underground is a mysterious library of alien secrets.

The Terran Republic unravels the clues, forcing its politicians, scientists, navy and marines to engage in an epic journey of space exploration, space battles and combat behind enemy lines. They must rally their forces to defend the Earth as they discover "The Others" are coming . . .

"I like Summerer's voice. He does an excellent execution of the military tone of the story. His voices are clear, and he keeps the characters distinct." ---AudioBook Reviewer

Discovery of the Saiph

Author PP Corcoran

Narrated by Eric Michael Summerer

Publication date Jun 30, 2015

Running time 10 hrs 7 min

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