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Short Synopsis
After relocating to the tiny town of Divine, Kansas, strange and mysterious things begin to happen to businesswoman Jo Pepperdine and those around her.

Full Synopsis
At the centermost point of the United States, lies the tiny town of Divine, Kansas, boasting a population of just over 1,200 and yet, thousands of tourists flock there every year. So what's so special about this mysterious little town smack-dab in the middle of nowhere?

For newcomer and businesswoman Jo Pepperdine, it's the perfect site for not only a home for women to get back on their feet after being released from prison, but also her Second Chance Mercantile and Divine Baked Goods Shop.

After purchasing the sprawling McDougall property on the outskirts of town, she begins to experience strange and mysterious events in her life and the lives of those around her.

But not everyone is ready to welcome Jo and the "outcasts," and it seems someone is determined to destroy their dream of a second chance, after vandalizing her property and a potentially deadly attack.

Can Jo and her friends get to the bottom of the crimes . . . or will it take a Divine Intervention to solve the mystery?

"It was very well read with distinct voices for the various characters. Others have described Kim Niemi’s voice as soothing, soulful, and powerful and I agree. She was able to sound soothing, sad, resigned and indignant all in a matter of minutes." ---Carla Loves to Read

Divine Intervention

Author Hope Callaghan

Narrated by Kim Niemi

Publication date Jul 16, 2019

Running time 4 hrs 15 min

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