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Now updated—your realistic, reassuring guide to surviving divorce.

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Getting divorced is almost never easy, but this practical, plain-English guide helps you get through the proceedings with a minimum of stress and expense. It shows you the latest changes in collaborative divorces, common law, and same-sex marriages, and even custody law—and how to work out the terms so you can begin building a fulfilling post-divorce life.

● Understand the divorce process review the key issues and decisions, get your finances in order, and file the petition

● Decide whether divorce is the best option—weigh the pros and cons of separation, consider marriage counseling, and learn about annulments

● Put things in motion—initiate the proceedings, break the news to your spouse and children, and deal with your emotions

● Make important and difficult decisions—divide your assets and debts, make a case for spousal support, and get the best custody arrangement for your children

● Protect yourself—plan for life after divorce, safeguard your money, and take action if things turn unfriendly or dangerous

● Avoid a divorce trial—negotiate your own divorce, seek help from an attorney, and work with a mediator

Divorce for Dummies

3rd Edition

Author John Ventura, Mary Reed

Narrated by Susan Hanfield

Publication date Oct 15, 2019

Running time 17 hrs

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