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Short Synopsis
Part memoir, part travelogue, this is the story of one woman's six years living in a reindeer-herding village in the Arctic Tundra, forging a life on her own as the only American among one of the most unknowable cultures on earth.

Full Synopsis
An ancestry test suggesting she shared some DNA with the Sámi people, the indigenous inhabitants of the Arctic tundra, tapped into Laura Galloway's wanderlust; an affair with a Sámi reindeer herder ultimately led her to leave New York for the tiny town of Kautokeino, Norway. When her new boyfriend left her unexpectedly after six months, it would have been easy, and perhaps prudent, to return home. But she stayed for six years.

Dálvi is the story of Laura's time in a reindeer-herding village in the Arctic, forging a solitary existence as she struggled to learn the language and make her way in a remote community for which there were no guidebooks or manuals for how to fit in. Her time in the North opened her to a new world. And it brought something else as well: reconciliation and peace with the traumatic events that had previously defined her—the sudden death of her mother when she was three, a difficult childhood and her lifelong search for connection and a sense of home.

Both a heartrending memoir and a love letter to the singular landscape of the region, Dálvi explores with great warmth and humility what it means to truly belong.

"Lefkow's rich, beautiful voice subtly strengthens as Galloway finds her rhythm and purpose. Lefkow never hesitates in her delivery of the multiple Scandinavian and Sámi names and concepts." --AudioFile


Six Years in the Arctic Tundra

Author Laura Galloway

Narrated by Laura Lefkow

Publication date Oct 15, 2021

Running time 8 hrs

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