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Short Synopsis
Catharina Maura presents Book 2 in the Off Limits series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Dr. Noah Grant's dream job at a prestigious private college came with three rules:

Don't sleep with the students. Don't sleep with a patient. Stay away from Harold Astor's granddaughter.

Seems easy, right?

It was. Right until Amara Astor walks into his office with one of her own inventions—a toy—stuck inside her.

She's a patient, a PhD student, and she's Harold Astor's granddaughter. She's entirely off-limits.

Getting involved with her puts his promising future at risk, yet he can't turn her away. Not when doing so means she'll find someone else to test her crazy inventions with.

Contains mature themes.

Dr. Grant

Author Catharina Maura

Narrated by Teddy Hamilton, Maxine Mitchell

Publication date Jan 17, 2023

Running time 8 hrs 26 min

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