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Short Synopsis
From Molly Crabapple comes Drawing Blood, a memoir that will change the way you think about art, sex, politics, and survival in our times.

Full Synopsis
From a young age, Molly Crabapple had the eye of an artist and the spirit of a radical. After a restless childhood on New York's Long Island, she left America to see Europe and the Near East, a young artist plunging into unfamiliar cultures, notebook always in hand, drawing what she observed.

Returning to New York City after 9/11 to study art, she posed nude for sketch artists and sketchy photographers, danced burlesque, and modeled for the world famous Suicide Girls. Frustrated with the academy and the conventional art world, she eventually landed a post as house artist at Simon Hammerstein's legendary nightclub The Box, the epicenter of decadent Manhattan nightlife before the financial crisis of 2008. Then, after the crash, a wave of protest movements—from student demonstrations in London to Occupy Wall Street in her own backyard—led Molly to turn her talents to a new form of witness journalism, reporting from places such as Guantanamo, Syria, Rikers Island, and the labor camps of Abu Dhabi. Using both words and artwork to shed light on the darker corners of American empire, she has swiftly become one of the most original and galvanizing voices on the cultural stage.

"Candid, earthy, romantic, funny, omnivorous, Drawing Blood is the story of a young artist on the make in a New York City." ---Self Awareness

"Highly recommended." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"Compelling reading about how art gave the author 'a way to see, to record, to fight and interrogate…to find joy where once I could see only ash.'" ---Kirkus

"Inspiring, intimate, and just a bit intimidating, this book is a must." ---Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Drawing Blood

Author Molly Crabapple

Narrated by Jorjeana Marie

Publication date Dec 1, 2015

Running time 11 hrs

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