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Short Synopsis
In the face of long-held secrets, looming scandals, and the potential ruin of their shop, the dressmakers of Madame Follette's are undaunted, not even by the most unexpected complication of all: true love.

Full Synopsis
The Duke's Dressmaker: Four years ago the Duke of Barrowmore's brother seduced and abandoned Selina Fontaine to scandal, and she holds the duke responsible. The duke is more interested in pursuing her than exposing her, however—and that pursuit soon becomes seductively pleasurable.

The Colors of Love: Delyth Owen's exuberant passion for her new job as a dressmaker at Madame Follette's is matched only by her love of diverse, vibrant, and frequently unfortunate color combinations. Simon Merrithew is horrified by the gown Delyth creates for a friend and suspects her motives.

No Accounting for Love: Tasked with making certain her charge does not contract herself to someone inappropriate, Miss Katherine Grant finds herself drawn to Mr. Henry Dawkins, the inappropriate gentleman Lady Euphemia wants. But it seems that Henry only has eyes for Miss Katherine Grant.

A Fashionable Affair: Madame Follette's is Felicity Dawkins's birthright; her mother founded it and now she runs it. The Earl of Carmarthen also has big plans for the shop—he wants to buy it and tear it down to make way for a grand new boulevard of shops. One way or another, he's determined to persuade Felicity.

Contains mature themes.

Dressed to Kiss

Author Caroline Linden, Madeline Hunter, Megan Frampton, Myretta Robens

Narrated by Danielle Cohen

Publication date May 25, 2021

Running time 14 hrs 26 min

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