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Short Synopsis
Harry Turtledove—the master of alternate history—has recast the tumultuous twentieth century and created an epic that is powerful, bold, and as convincing as it is provocative. In Drive to the East he continues his saga of warfare that has divided a nation and now threatens the entire world.

Full Synopsis
In 1914, the First World War ignited a brutal conflict in North America, with the United States finally defeating the Confederate States. In 1917, the Great War ended and an era of simmering hatred began, fueled by the despotism of a few and the sacrifice of many. Now it's 1942. The U.S.A. and C.S.A. are locked in a tangle of jagged, blood-soaked battle lines, modern weaponry, desperate strategies, and the kind of violence that only the damned could conjure up for their enemies and themselves.

In Richmond, Confederate president and dictator Jake Featherston is shocked by what his own aircraft have done in Philadelphia—killing U.S. president Al Smith in a barrage of bombs. Featherston presses ahead with a secret plan carried out on the dusty plains of Texas, where a so-called detention camp hides a far more evil purpose.

"There is plenty of action, and, of course, characterization remains one of Turtledove's long suits." ---Booklist Starred Review

"There's enough back story for the benefit of new readers, while established fans...will find this latest installment thoroughly satisfying." ---Publishers Weekly
Booklist Review

Drive to the East

Author Harry Turtledove

Narrated by Paul Costanzo

Publication date Jul 20, 2016

Running time 26 hrs

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