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Short Synopsis
Eric Ugland presents book 5 in the Good Guys series.

Full Synopsis
When Montana first started playing in iNcarn8, his new game life, he just wanted to be one of the good guys for a change. But despite his impressive stats and incredible heroics, even his followers are just plain scared of him. Trouble keeps pouring down Montana, even in the remote, supposedly safe holding he's building into his dukedom.

All that will have to change if Coggeshall is going to survive. Walls go up and homes get built, but Montana can't shake the feeling that none of it will be enough to keep out the problems of the Empire. Or the world of Vuldranni.

Dukes and Ladders

A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure

Author Eric Ugland

Narrated by Neil Hellegers

Publication date Sep 10, 2019

Running time 8 hrs 26 min

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