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A high-stakes race that will transform global economies is beginning: the race to develop low-carbon energy in time to solve the dangerous problem of global warming. And if Washington gets the rules wrong, the race will flounder or even run horribly off course.

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How to harness the great forces of capitalism to save the world from catastrophe.

The forecasts are grim and time is running out, but that's not the end of the story. In this book, Fred Krupp, longtime president of the Environmental Defense Fund, brings a stirring and hopeful call to arms: We can solve global warming. And in doing so we will build the new industries, jobs, and fortunes of the twenty-first century.

In Earth: The Sequel, listeners will encounter the bold innovators and investors who are reinventing energy and the ways we use it. Among them: a frontier impresario who keeps his ice hotel frozen all summer long with the energy of hot springs; a utility engineer who feeds smokestack gases from coal-fired plants to voracious algae, then turns them into fuel; and a tribe of Native Americans, fishermen in the roughest Pacific waters for 2,000 years, who are now harvesting the fierce power of the waves themselves.

These entrepreneurs are poised to remake the world's biggest business and save the planet—if America's political leaders give them a fair chance to compete.

"Highly informative.... A welcome contribution to an increasingly heated discussion." ---Los Angeles Times

"Narrator Dick Hill delivers a powerful blow against environmental decline with a spirited yet slightly underplayed performance that acts to inform first and to entertain second." ---AudioFile

"This optimistic book...[balances] jargon-heavy science with engaging profiles of individuals who are blending business and science in an attempt to save the planet." ---Publishers Weekly
New York Times Bestseller

Earth: The Sequel

The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming

Author Fred Krupp, Miriam Horn

Narrated by Dick Hill

Publication date Apr 28, 2008

Running time 10 hrs

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