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Discover the surprising reason restrictive diets don’t work—and a practical, science-based guide to reclaim your health through the power of real food.

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Carbs aren't causing your weight gain. Dairy may not be the reason for your upset stomach. And your liver isn't fatty because of the occasional hamburger. It's time to enjoy eating everything again—and to reclaim our health along the way. Eat Everything offers a better alternative to complicated, minimally effective, and highly restrictive diets. Physician Dawn Harris Sherling lays out compelling new evidence implicating food additives as the real culprits behind diet-related diseases and shares simple, actionable advice to heal.

Digging into emerging research, Dr. Sherling realized it's not the foods but the food additives, especially emulsifiers, that are at the root of our problems. Our bodies can't digest them, but they're everywhere in the ultra-processed foods that make up about half of our daily diets. In this refreshing and accessible guide, listeners will learn:

● How to lose weight without a restrictive diet

● Why so many popular ultra-processed foods are actively harmful to our bodies

● How to navigate eating at restaurants

● Tips for filling our grocery bags with real food

● Why avoiding food additives is beneficial for our bodies and minds

"[A] thoughtful, explanatory book that is useful to almost anyone." —The Linden Review

Eat Everything

How to Ditch Additives and Emulsifiers, Heal Your Body, and Reclaim the Joy of Food

Author Dawn Harris Sherling, MD

Narrated by Rachel Perry

Publication date May 2, 2023

Running time 7 hrs 1 min

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