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Nancy Bush presents Book 2 in the Jane Kelly Mysteries series.

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Some days are just weird city.

Take today. Jane Kelly, thirty-something ex-bartender, current process server, and owner of The Binkster, a pug, is dutifully putting in slave-labor hours working for Dwayne Durbin, local "information specialist" (i.e., private investigator), and on the road to becoming a P.I. herself. Next thing she knows she's socializing with the Purcells, a rich, eccentric rich family with a penchant for going crazy and/or dying in spectacularly mysterious ways.

From what Jane can tell, the Purcells all want Orchid Purcell's money. And when Orchid turns up in a pool of blood, the free-for-all has just begun. Then when Jane finds a second body, it seems weird city is about to get even weirder . . . and a lot more deadly . . .

Electric Blue

A Jane Kelly Mystery

Author Nancy Bush

Narrated by Wendy Tremont King

Publication date Jul 30, 2019

Running time 13 hrs

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