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Short Synopsis
This sweeping portrait of the world's uncontested six-legged conquerors will open your eyes to the secret societies thriving right beneath your feet—and shift your perspective on humanity.

Full Synopsis
Ants number in the ten quadrillions, and they have been here since the Jurassic era. Inside an anthill, you'll find high drama worthy of a royal court; and between colonies, high-stakes geopolitical intrigue is afoot. Just like us, ants grow crops, raise livestock, tend their young and infirm, and make vaccines. And, just like us, ants have a dark side: They wage war, despoil environments, and enslave rivals—but also rebel against their oppressors.

Engineered by nature to fulfill their particular roles, ants flawlessly perform a complex symphony of tasks to sustain their colony—seemingly without a conductor—from fearsome army ants, who stage twelve-hour hunting raids where they devour thousands, to gentle leafcutters cooperatively gardening in their peaceful underground kingdoms.

Acclaimed biologist Susanne Foitzik has traveled the globe to study these master architects of Earth. Joined by journalist Olaf Fritsche, Foitzik invites listeners deep into her world—in the field and in the lab. (How do you observe the behavior of ants just millimeters long—or dissect a brain the width of a needle?) Empire of Ants will inspire new respect for ants as a global superpower—and raise new questions about the very meaning of "civilization."

Disclaimer: This audiobook refers to images included in the print and eBook editions of the book.

"The authors' admiration for ants is evident throughout Cat Gould's narration of this audiobook. Listeners won't have the urge to bring ants home for research, as Suzanne Foitzik's team does, but they might find themselves liking the tiny creatures a little more." ---AudioFile

Empire of Ants

The Hidden Worlds and Extraordinary Lives of Earth’s Tiny Conquerors

Author Susanne Foitzik, Olaf Fritsche

Narrated by Cat Gould

Publication date Mar 30, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 2 min

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