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Short Synopsis
The author of Physics for Future Presidents returns to educate all of us on the most crucial conundrum facing the nation: energy.

Full Synopsis
The near-meltdown of Fukushima, the upheavals in the Middle East, the BP oil rig explosion, and the looming reality of global warming have reminded the president and all U.S. citizens that nothing has more impact on our lives than the supply of and demand for energy. Its procurement dominates our economy and foreign policy more than any other factor. But the "energy question" is more confusing, contentious, and complicated than ever before. We need to know if nuclear power will ever really be safe. We need to know if solar and wind power will ever really be viable. And we desperately need to know if the natural gas deposits in Pennsylvania are a windfall of historic proportions or a false hope that will create more problems than solutions. Richard A. Muller provides all the answers in this must-listen guide to our energy priorities now and in the coming years.

"An informative, comprehensive discussion of important economic and environmental issues." ---Kirkus

"Policy makers and casual readers alike can benefit from Muller's eye-opening briefing, which sheds lots of light with little wasted heat." ---Publishers Weekly

"Pete Larkin's deep, resonant voice and authoritative tone work well. He grabs our attention with a businesslike pace and varies his reading enough to keep us interested throughout." ---AudioFile

Energy for Future Presidents

The Science Behind the Headlines

Author Richard A. Muller

Narrated by Pete Larkin

Publication date Aug 27, 2012

Running time 10 hrs

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