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Short Synopsis
An 1891 romance based on Icelandic sagas, Henry Rider Haggard's Eric Brighteyes will stir the blood of even the most jaded of modern audiences.

Full Synopsis
A gripping tale of betrayal, blood-gorged blades, and the pursuit of heart's desire, Eric Brighteyes follows the adventures of a young man raised on Coldback farm—a lonely place to be found where the Westman Isles rise from the sea.

Plagued by misfortune, the golden-haired youth finds himself outlawed and exiled—even as he wins Whitefire, the legendary sword of King Odin. Eric struggles against treachery to fight his way back to his home and to the two women whose lives are fatefully intertwined with his: Gudruda the Fair, and Swanwild the Fatherless.

Eric Brighteyes, with eBook

Author Henry Rider Haggard

Narrated by Shelly Frasier

Publication date Jul 20, 2009

Running time 11 hrs

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