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This award-winning book from Philipp Ther provides the first comprehensive history of post-1989 Europe.

Full Synopsis
The year 1989 brought the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. It was also the year that the economic theories of Reagan, Thatcher, and the Chicago School achieved global dominance. And it was these neoliberal ideas that largely determined the course of the political, economic, and social changes that transformed Europe over the next quarter century. This award-winning book provides the first comprehensive history of post-1989 Europe.

Philipp Ther offers a sweeping narrative filled with vivid details and memorable stories. He describes how liberalization, deregulation, and privatization had catastrophic effects on former Soviet Bloc countries. He refutes the idea that this economic "shock therapy" was the basis of later growth, arguing that human capital and the "transformation from below" determined economic success or failure. Most important, he shows how the capitalist West's effort to reshape Eastern Europe in its own likeness ended up reshaping Western Europe as well, in part by accelerating the pace and scope of neoliberal reforms in the West, particularly in reunified Germany. Finally, bringing the story up to the present, Ther compares events in Eastern and Southern Europe leading up to and following the 2008–9 global financial crisis.

"[Europe since 1989] . . . is well-documented. It can be recommended to general readers and students of postcommunist history in Europe." ---Choice

"His central thesis demands serious consideration. He argues that a 'neoliberal train,' put on track in Margaret Thatcher's Britain and Ronald Reagan's United States, began 'to cross Europe in 1989.' He says he uses neoliberalism 'as a neutral, analytical term,' and rightly distinguishes between its intellectual history and the specific social and political circumstances of its implementation." ---New York Review of Books

Europe Since 1989

A History

Author Philipp Ther

Narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

Publication date Jun 27, 2017

Running time 13 hrs

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