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Short Synopsis
In Book 1 of Karin Fossum's Inspecter Sejer Mystery series, Sejer pieces together two unsolved murder cases.

Full Synopsis
Eva Magnus and her daughter are out walking by the river when a man's body floats to the water's surface. Eva goes to call the police, but when she reaches the phone, she dials another number altogether.

The police find the body anyway. Inspector Sejer and his team quickly determine that the man, Egil, died in a violent attack. But Egil has been missing for months, and the trail to his killer is cold. It's as puzzling as another unsolved case on Sejer's desk: the murder of a prostitute, found dead just before Egil went missing. Sejer sets to work piecing together these two impossible cases. It's not long before he realizes that they aren't as separate as they previously seemed.

"Eva's transition from struggling painter and single mother to something new and unpredictable will delight fans searching for the next diverting Scandinavian mystery." ---Publishers Weekly

"Fossum's signature style of unveiling the story through the voices of everyone touched by the murder illuminates the crime's tragedies and ensures a steady flow of story-twisting revelations." ---Booklist

"Listeners accompany [Magnus] as she closes in on the killer---or killers." ---AudioFile

"[I]t's more than a worthy introduction to one of Norway's leading cops for newcomers and a treasure for fans." ---Kirkus Starred Review
Kirkus Review

Eva's Eye

Author Karin Fossum

Narrated by Steven Crossley

Publication date Mar 17, 2015

Running time 10 hrs 11 min

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