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Short Synopsis
Victoria Sue presents Book 6 in the Enhanced World series.

Full Synopsis
Eli was only seven years old when he had been given to monsters.

Sixteen years later he finally gets the chance for revenge, and with his enhanced abilities changing, nothing and no one is gonna stop him, especially a new partner that seems to see right through the black holes in his soul.

Agent Daniel Connelly left Washington trying to keep his sanity, but the images of the innocent victims are still haunting him and knows the horror in Eli's eyes is exactly what he is trying to forget.

Everybody Burns is a story about two men falling in love. Except, one doesn't think he is capable of it . . .

And the other doesn't think he deserves it.

Everybody Burns

Author Victoria Sue

Narrated by Iggy Toma

Publication date Nov 3, 2020

Running time 8 hrs 4 min

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