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Short Synopsis
Ahren Sanders presents Book 3 in the Southern Charmers series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Evin: "Be careful, man. Don't be seduced by the bright lights of the city. Even the strongest of men find their weakness." When Jackson spouted his advice, I laughed at the thought. A man in my position doesn't have weaknesses.

Or so I think. The night I meet Poppy Malone, everything changes. The breathtaking bohemian is an irresistible temptation I never saw coming. One night is all it takes for her to seal our fate. She's convinced the odds aren't in our favor. I've never backed down from a challenge. When someone from her past reappears, delivering the ultimate betrayal, the stakes grow higher.

No matter what happens, I'm all in.

Poppy: "Dance to your Destiny." The day I heard those words, my path was set. Walking away from a world of wealth and privilege, I danced my way to my dreams and independence. Performing in Vegas is everything I ever wanted. Or so I think.

A twist of fate brings Evin Graham into my life. One earth-shattering kiss rocks my perfectly crafted world. Devastatingly sexy, rich, commanding—Evin and I are polar opposites in every way. He dresses in custom-tailored suits. I wear flowers in my hair. He's an obsessively controlled business mogul. I'm a risk-taking free spirit. He's determined we have a future.

Suddenly, my destiny isn't at all what I planned.

Contains mature themes.

Evin’s Fight

Author Ahren Sanders

Narrated by Loretta Rawlins, Chris Chambers

Publication date Aug 31, 2021

Running time 17 hrs 15 min

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