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Short Synopsis
Stanley Bing discovers the secret to retiring while continuing to work—and that secret involves becoming part of senior management.

Full Synopsis
The central question of every hard-working person's career is how to work less hard while still being able to buy a bottle of ninety-five-dollar Borolo without trembling. This is as true at age thirty as it is at more advanced ages. But by age forty, most of us are already thinking of exit strategies that will place us firmly off the grid for good. The question, then, is simple: How to retire while continuing to enjoy all the best things that haute-bourgeois life has to offer? The answer has been under our noses all along: Retire while still working! This might seem like a difficult proposition, but close examination of the concept reveals that there are many among us who have been exploring this boundary betwen a nice nap and the long sleep for quite some time. They are called "Senior Management," and we have a lot to learn from them.

"Alan Sklar has an obvious gift for satiric narration. His continuously arched eyebrow can be clearly heard as Bing takes great glee in puncturing long-cherished management values and traditional leadership maxims." ---AudioFile

"[A] salty satire of a business guide.... The book makes a great gift for the legions of would-be retirees and provides laughter and relief from the anxieties of corporate culture." ---Publishers Weekly


Or How to Retire While You're Still Working

Author Stanley Bing

Narrated by Alan Sklar

Publication date Jun 17, 2008

Running time 5 hrs

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