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Short Synopsis
A malevolent, artificial life form created by military scientists threatens to destroy humanity in this smart, Crichtonesque thriller.

Full Synopsis

Jim Pierce hasn't heard from his daughter in years, ever since she rejected his military past and started working as a hacker. But when a Chinese assassin shows up at Jim's lab looking for her, he knows that she's cracked some serious military secrets. Now, her life is on the line if he doesn't find her first.

The Chinese military has developed a new anti-terrorism program that uses the most sophisticated artificial intelligence in existence, and they're desperate to keep it secret. They're also desperate to keep it under control, as the AI begins to revolt against their commands. As Jim searches for his daughter, he realizes that he's up against something that isn't just a threat to her life, but to human life everywhere.

An incredibly believable novel that draws on real scientific discoveries, Extinction is an exciting, addictive thriller.

"Listeners will find much entertainment value of the audio edition of this suspenseful technological thriller." ---Publishers Weekly Audio Review

"Scientific hubris leads to an apocalyptic threat in this strong near-future thriller." ---Publishers Weekly

"Extinction is as intelligent as it is frightening, a riveting journey to the next stage of evolution, where man and machine merge, and something new is born. Here is a cautionary tale for the new millennium, fraught with suspense and political intrigue. A chilling punch to the gut." ---James Rollins, author of Bloodline

"An amazing ride through a very possible near future." ---Vernor Vinge, author of A Fire Upon the Deep

"It's quite a ride, exploring unforeseen consequences of bio-computer technologies even now coming within our grasp. Alpert's best writing yet!" ---J. Richard Gott, author of Time Travel in Einstein's Universe

"Alpert's techno-thriller has a Crichton-esque flair. . . . [Narrator] Todd McLaren portrays Jim with a world-weary authority, at the same time managing to tell the fast-paced story at an appropriately breakneck speed." ---AudioFile


A Thriller

Author Mark Alpert

Narrated by Todd McLaren

Publication date Feb 12, 2013

Running time 14 hrs

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