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Short Synopsis
Annie J. Rose presents Book 4 in the Office Secrets series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
He's the best bad decision I ever made. It was only one night. A business trip. City lights and passion. Intense. Impossible. He's my boss.

Too bad I can't forget the night we spent together in Paris. It's hard enough on my own, dealing with my needy sister and pretending I don't have feelings for Toby. My genius, alpha male boss with the piercing eyes and rock-hard abs. We acted like it never happened.

Until I told him about my crazy ex. The one who's coming after me. Speaking of crazy, my hot, delectable boss has the craziest idea. A fake marriage. To him. He'll pretend to be my husband and protect me from my ex. Insane? Or insanely tempting? After the hell I went through with my ex, a little sexual healing may be just what I need.

My ex is dangerous. My sister is falling for him, but he's out to get me. My life is at risk, and my boss, my lover,—he can never find out. Because my fake husband is going to be a real daddy. No matter what it costs me, I'll keep our baby safe. I'll never tell him the truth. He's the only man I'll ever love.

Contains mature themes.

F is for Fake Marriage

Author Annie J. Rose

Narrated by Meghan Kelly, Wayne Mitchell

Publication date Mar 30, 2021

Running time 6 hrs

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