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A standalone, steamy, arranged marriage romance.

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A standalone, steamy, arranged marriage romance.

There's rich.

Then there's the Ellsworth family. The Kensingtons. American royalty.

Money buys power, and power always has a price. The fear of those who already possess both? Losing it. The best way to ensure keeping it? Alliances. And elites don’t marry down—they marry equal.

For Scarlett Ellsworth and Crew Kensington, that leaves one option: each other. Accepting that inevitability is very different from embracing it. That's the only thing they agree upon.

It was meant to be a union for better and for business.

Instead, it challenges everything Scarlett and Crew thought they knew about themselves, their families, and most of all . . . each other.

Fake Empire

Author C.W. Farnsworth

Narrated by Veronica Fox, Aaron Shedlock

Publication date Aug 29, 2023

Running time 11 hrs 13 min

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