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Short Synopsis
Jacqueline Druga presents the second book in the multi-author, post-apocalyptic series Burning Skies.

Full Synopsis
The second in the multi-author, post-apocalyptic blockbuster series

Detention camps, curfews, food shortages, and a deadly virus . . . and that's only the beginning.

America is in turmoil. The running of the country has been completely taken over. Thousands of people have been detained, many still suffering the effects of the bombings, and with no release in sight.

When local farmer, Joe, finds his town overrun with foreign soldiers, he immediately begins to stockpile his produce, preparing for what might come. Workers arrive to take over the running of his farm, but he eventually discovers something more sinister at play.

On the other side of the country, Cal is facing his own problems and must make a difficult decision that could put his life in danger.

There are whispers of a resistance in the air, but what will the cost be?


Author Jacqueline Druga

Narrated by Neil Hellegers

Publication date Jan 30, 2019

Running time 6 hrs

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