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Short Synopsis
J. Clifton Slater presents Book 7 in the Clay Warrior Stories series.

Full Synopsis
Alerio hurled the spear.

Immediately regretting the loss of his second weapon, he prayed.

"Nenia, Goddess of Death, if it's my time, come for me quickly."

Welcome to January 263 B.C.

Attacking a pair of long spears with his short dagger was going to hurt and add to Alerio's collection of combat scars. And only leave him injured, if Fortuna smiled on him. If not? That's why he prayed to the other Goddess.

This should have been the easiest, most luxurious duty a heavy infantryman could ever imagine. It didn't turn out that way and, at the moment, he regretted throwing the spear.

These are the adventures of Alerio Sisera, Corporal of the Republic's Legions, Weapons Instructor, experienced Raider, Combat Rower, and protégé of a powerful Roman Senator.

Fatal Obligation

Author J. Clifton Slater

Narrated by P.J. Ochlan

Publication date Nov 14, 2023

Running time 8 hrs

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