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Short Synopsis
From the brilliant New York Times bestselling authors of the "refreshingly blunt" (Harper's Bazaar) F*ck Feelings—this seriously irreverent roadmap reveals the essentials to look for when you're done being suckered by the promise of true love and want help seeking a real, lasting relationship. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Many people have opinions on the subject of romantic relationships—why they're so hard to find and so difficult to maintain—but the real source of trouble isn't too complicated: it's that we are choosing our partners based on love, excitement, lust, attraction, neediness . . . on feelings.

Instead of helping listeners find true love, Dr. Michael Bennett and his comedy-writing daughter Sarah reveal the practical, commonsense criteria for good partnerships that will allow real love to develop. Finding a good partner involves losing preconceived notions about who your dream date might be, so the Bennetts helpfully appraise the pros and cons of eight traits people most commonly seek: charisma, beauty, chemistry, communication, sense of humor, family stability, intelligence, and wealth. They suggest you'll have better luck finding a partner in a bar or online if you focus on ideas like mutual attraction and respect and common interests and common goals. With helpful quizzes and case studies inspired by Dr. Bennett's practice, F*ck Love is packed with enough advice and wisdom to help you avoid the relationship nightmares that led you to this book in the first place.

Contains mature themes.

"Gives the middle finger to the self-help genre. . . . Refreshingly blunt." ---Harper's Bazaar

"The Bennetts have no time for gooey motivational slogans. . . . Together they urge readers to abandon a quest for perfection in favor of realistic attempts at betterment." ---New York Times

"A tough-love, irreverent take on 'life's impossible problems." ---The Atlantic

"Engaging . . . it's hard to argue with the book's advice." ---Elle

"Actor Lawlor captures the playfulness of the book without diminishing its substance. His voice is gentle and reassuring to listeners facing hard truths about their dating choices." ---Publishers Weekly Audio Review

F*ck Love

One Shrink’s Sensible Advice for Finding a Lasting Relationship

Author Michael Bennett, M. D., Sarah Bennett

Narrated by Patrick Lawlor

Publication date Jan 31, 2017

Running time 8 hrs 12 min

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