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Short Synopsis
Jesse Storm presents an installment in the Western Frontier Justice series.

Full Synopsis
For a man who spent his life fighting, can there ever be peace?

Elam Eskers lives his days in peace on his ranch in the small town of Phoenix, Oregon, with his ranch hand, Samson, and his dog, Dusk, keeping him company. Gone are the days when he was the man outlaws feared the most.

When he doesn't seek trouble, though, it finds him.

Quincy Meiner has a hunger for money. He will stop at nothing to steal the land that belongs to Elam and his neighbors.

At first, Meiner is just a nuisance. But when the Meiner gang kill Elam's dog, terrorize his town and kidnap Roxanna, the only woman Elam has ever loved, it becomes personal.

Elam, the once famed gunslinger, wants a final ride for justice.

A group of bloodthirsty men is also riding for Elam, tempted by the bounty that Meiner has put on Elam's head.

Is Elam still the fighter he used to be all those years ago? Can he beat Meiner and his men, or is he going to lose everything, his land, his friends, and his one true love?

Final Ride For Justice

Author Jesse Storm

Narrated by John McLain

Publication date Jan 26, 2021

Running time 6 hrs 21 min

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